Penholm FC
Name Penholm Football Club
Nickname The Super Whites
Founded 1933
Stadium Lakeside (43,000)
Owner Scenson flag tbd
Manager Scenson flag Matt Little

Penholm FC, officially Penholm Football Club is a professional football club based in Narkey, Narkeyshire, who play in the Scensoner Division 1, the highest level of Scensoner football. Founded in 1933, the club have spent their full history in the top tier of Scensoner football. The club's home ground is the 43,000-seat Lakeside stadium, which was constructed in 1993. Penholm FC is considered to be one of the most successful in Scensoner history, and is one of the traditional 'Top 4' football clubs.




Club hero Bill Bobson

Penholm Football Club was founded in 1933 with the merger of Penholm Road FC and Scenson South End. Penholm Road FC and Scenson South End were too very successful clubs, however both were only semi-professional. Because of this, Penholm Football Club started with a massive support base, and the majority of Southern Narkey supported the club. The club chose to play at Scenson South End's stadium, Meltham Road, considerably larger than Penholm Road's stadium. 12 players were released because of the merger, however quickly found other clubs.

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Penholm FC v tbd, 2013

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